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  Community Outreach
       Informing and engaging local people in planning processes.

  Participatory Needs Assessment 
      •  CBPAR-Community Based Participatory Action Research
        •  PLA-Participatory Learning and Action
        •  Bioregional Mapping

  Guidance for Participatory Community Life
        Techniques for communicating effectively, resolving conflict, 
        and building resilient relationships.

   Community Self-development and Self-inquiry
        Helping communities to know themselves and to build internal         
        capacity for strong individuals economically, culturally and 
        physically.  Oral history, workshops and a written repository of 
        “community memory” are important foundations for making 
        choices that are wise and stable. OAParticipatory%20Practices.html
Sense of community 
is “the perception of similarity to others, an acknowledged interdependence with others, a willingness to maintain this interdependence by giving to or doing for others what one expects from them, and the feeling that one is part of a larger dependable and stable structure.” 
Place attachment 
[in profound cases] “is experienced as an extension of the self.  Such attachments arise naturally in the context of daily experience.
Brown and Perkins 

Place attachment 
rests in a commonality of feeling and experience. Reliving through conversation particular experiences in shared outdoor or indoor settings ties people together through a common memory of those special places.
Community Trails 
Mediation Guide
Le Ferrand 
“Sense of Community” Planning
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    Brown, Barbara B. and Douglas D. Perkins.  1992.  “Disruptions in Place Attachment.” Place Attachment.  Plenum Press:  New York.

    Le Ferrand, M.  2006. Community Trails Mediation Guide $25 plus S&H

    Sarason, S.B. (1974)  The psychological sense of community:  Prospects for a community psychology.  San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.http://www.potkettleblack.orgshapeimage_7_link_0
Volume One and Two
A Community Memory Booklet
PAR in Environmental Dispute Resolution 
Tools and information to prevent or resolve disputed access to community trails (historic, local, wildland trails). 
This case set in Colorado Front Range (2002-2006) is an example of beyond neutrality in mediation.  Local, historic, wildland trails traverse both public and private wildland and are accessed freely by local community for non-motorized connection to nature and social visits.  “Historic” implies use as found in the historic record and as reflected in the memories of older residents.  “Wildlands” denotes an abundance of ecological processes significantly surpassing signs of human activity.  OAParticipatory%20Practices.html
    Sense of place and bonds to natural environment;
    Sense of community and social bonds associated with             
      local nature experiences;
    Rural mutual help structures;
    Sense of security through locals (defined as those 
      with whom one is familiar) on adjacent or traversing     
      trails on or near one’s own property; 
    Spiritual opening in the solitude of the wilderness 
    Sense of meaning in work thru connection to the 
      landscape (e.g. in the case below, three national     
      herbal tincture lines began in relationship between     
      local post-modern women and local forests)
      Community Trails Mediation Guide, Le Ferrand, 2006 RECENT PROJECT
“Sense of Community” through trail access Sense of Community Planning 
is building, restoring and maintaining vibrant and abundant interpersonal relations in a community. “Local customs are like guidelines. Customs reflect human aptitude for discernment under conditions of uncertainty. Local customs are ways of doing things in everyday life and on the occasion of special and seasonal events. An example of a customary agreement is the self-monitored, weekday-only use by locals of a pond on private property.” 
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