Myriem Le Ferrand-Radjef

Ecosystem Management
Dispute Resolution and Prevention
Business Development
M.S. Natural Resource Policy-Mediation (Univ. of MI)
B.A.  Economics, cum laude (Univ. of CO)
Certificate in Appreciative Inquiry
Certificate in Participatory Learning and Action
Certificate in Systematic Development of Informed Consent
Certificate in Citizen Participation
Mediation Training through CDR-Boulder CMS
Languages:  English, French and Spanish

Myriem Le Ferrand is a specialist in stakeholder involvement.  For the past twelve years, she has studied and practiced collaborative ecosystem management, participatory action research, and conflict resolution.  She is an experienced facilitator and mediator.  

Ms. Le Ferrand has worked in communities in Morocco, Canada, Bolivia, and the United States.  Her longest project evaluated community-based participatory action research (CBPAR) in breaking impasse in an environmental dispute.  She presented this approach in a talk, “The Meaning of Local,” at the 2003 Conference of the International Association for Public Presentation.

She was a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of Engineers without Borders for cultural preservation and participation.  It is there that she conceived of an e-Trading Company to fulfill needs not otherwise met in poverty alleviation and conservation programs.  She also has hands-on experience as a naturalist and field ecologist.  

She has worked on sustainability issues across the spectrum of industrial and recreational activities that affect ecological viability. She evaluated teamwork and participatory development through USAID in Bolivia.  She evaluated participation in a UNEP funded Agenda 21 project in North Africa.  She previously worked in public health in Honduras. 

Ms. Le Ferrand offers both technical and creative skills to complement planning processes and project implementation.  She was previously a loan officer, a graphic artist, and a consultant to the coal and electric utility industry.  Her market analysis capabilities are demonstrated in her role as the first person to publish estimates of tradeable emission allowances in sulfur dioxide based on the ratified Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.  Her 1989 thesis (econometric model) predicted the feasibility and family farm benefits of modern organics prior to the explosion in market share for organics.   

She is also a practitioner of appreciative inquiry. She applied appreciative inquiry (AI) to her recent qualitative research intervention in Rocky Mountain National Park in cooperation with the National Park Service.  This study centered on the meaning of stewardship.  The study gathered anecdotal evidence on the values and behaviors of those who belong to contemporary, post-modern cultures of stewardship.  A subsequent paper published in May 2005 is available online at 

Ms. Le Ferrand is the single mother of one son now in college.  She raised her son at 8500 feet in a pre-turn of the century Colorado mountain home.  In the early 1990s, she was a member of the board of town governance for the first historic gold boom town of the Nebraska territory and the hunting grounds of the peaceful Arapaho Chief Niwot. mailto:myriem@ecoisp.comOAParticipatory%20Practices.htmlConsulting.htmlhttp://www.aipractitioner.comshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3
Anja (Anya) Bendel

International Trade
Project Coordination
M.B.A.  International Trade (Univ. of CO)
M.A. Germanic Languages (Univ. of CO)
B.A. German, cum laude (CSU)
Languages:  English, German, and French

Anja Bendel received a dual master's degree, Master of Arts in Germanic Languages and Literatures and a Master of Business Administration with concentration in international business.  

Ms. Bendel is experienced in business planning development and planning.  She is concurrently provided strategic planning services for an aerospace engineering firm.

Prior to her graduate degrees she worked in Germany for three years.  Her prior experience is in cross-cultural and expatriate training.  For Calathus’ The e-Trading Company, she will direct training and advisory services (in pricing, market potential, branding, customs, shipping, etc.) to exporting communities.
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Current Participatory Projects:
    2007 ECOVillage tours, &   
    Evolution* Fair
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Amusing coincidences:
Anja and Myriem both grew up bilingual and were the only ones who had grown up bilingual in our multilingual work environment. Ms. Krogh of Isaacson, Rosenbaum. previously advised Anja’s husband on his start up. The twist is Anja did not refer or even know that Myriem was considering Ms. Krogh until later.  
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Recent Projects:
Unified New Orleans Plan
CBPAR in Trail Dispute Resolution
Boulder County, Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park
Participatory Environment and Development Planning
Agenda 21 of the Rio Convention on Biological Diversity of 1992.
Benjamin Franklin, ever wise, once commented, “Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?”
"If two make peace with each other in this one house, 
they will say to the mountain, 'Move away,' 
and it will move away." 
~Isa ibn Maryam calathus (Greek), 
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